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We have handpicked our favourite products and made them available to purchase at the salon so you can have the YOU MCR experience at home.

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At L'Oréal, we have partnered with the team at YOU MCR since they opened their doors 1 year ago. We regularly meet up to keep the girls updated on industry insights, trends and new product developments. We also make sure that the team are fully updated and 100% confident with new techniques and colours through our education team! A number of the girls have also attended our academy courses to maximise their knowledge and skillset. We look forward to continuing to grow with YOU MCR.

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Jade Hamer

We are so proud to say we are affiliated with one of the best hair salons within the North West. Like YOU MCR, Keune Hair Cosmetics has a family ethos & background that’s all about being your best you, caring for people & planet. We believe YOU MCR hold the same values and principles as us, looking after their clients & wanting them to feel like family. They have a very meticulous attention to detail like us here at Keune and want to be able to offer the best services & haircare products to their client.

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Matt Bennett
Keune Hair Cosmetics